Life gets easier with Moulinex. The french brand has created small appliances since the 1930's and it's first product, the Moulin-legume is credited with being the design forerunner to today's modern food processors. The brand now produces a range of blenders, kettles, toaster, juice extractors and more that are designed to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle.

Moulinex Blenders

With blenders by Moulinex, make sauces, soups, fruit cocktails or crushed ice in a flash!

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Moulinex Toasters

Crispy slices of bread in the morning, at tea time, ... Put Moulinex toasters to the test.

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Moulinex Rice Cookers

Cook rice to perfection easily. The Moulinex rice cooker is the essential appliance for cooking all types of rice and cereals without difficulty. Thanks to its cool walls, there is no risk of getting burned, even during cooking. The rice cookers keeps food warm after cooking and thanks to its non-stick removable bowl, cleaning is very easy. 

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Moulinex Kettles

What could be easier than making all your hot drinks with a Moulinex kettle?

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Moulinex Juicers

Get your fill of vitamins with the Moulinex juice extractors!

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