Thermocool Engineering Company

Ever pushing the boundaries of engineering excellence, the T.E.C brand (Thermocool Engineering Company) produces a range of quality power inverters, voltage stabilizers and innovative remote controlled power generators. T.E.C unique power inverters store electric power for you until a time when you will need it the most. Once the power goes out, the inverter immediately comes on producing much needed electric power for your appliances. T.E.C voltage stabilizers protect your precious appliances from harmful power fluctuations.

Experience the convenience and worry free operation of our robust range of innovative T.E.C power generators that allow you to turn on the device from a distance. T.E.C. generators also come with voltage regulators and circuit breakers that will turn off the generator long before any damage can come upon your appliances or home. When you purchase a Thermocool Engineering appliance, ‘peace of mind’ comes with the package.


Illuminate your dreams and be empowered as Thermocool Engineering Company presents a new range of power generating sets that are as innovative as they are rugged and durable. Choose between a key or remote control start generator with powerful and durable engines that are fuel efficient, offer oil alert lamps for checking engine oil levels, noise reduction features and come with automatic voltage regulators that guarantee your peace of mind.

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With Thermocool Engineering Company's range of Voltage stabilizers, no longer do you need to worry about electric currents that can destroy your home appliances. Thermocool analogue and digital stabilizers can protect small and large sized appliances from power fluctuations.

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