Through its products, Tefal's mission is to give you the opportunity to enjoy tasty, diversified and healthy cooking and perform useful daily activities for you, your loved and your friends.

Tefal's new concepts and innovations are based upon your needs. Everything started with a single idea: the non-stick pan. A revolutionary product that made cooking simpler and attractive.

Since then, Tefal have always been trying to innovate and have one motto: make your everyday life easier.

All along these years, Tefal has offered you a range of innovative solutions and thanks to you, have become the world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation products and scales.

Tefal iron

Discover Tefal's range of dry and steam irons that are easy to use and robust. Dry irons are ideal for casual ironers and light garment loads. while Tefal's range of steam irons are perfect for efficient ironing, offer speed and simplicity as well as perfection and precision during ironing.

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Tefal kettle

Discover Tefal's wide range of kettles, the best way to enjoy a warm tea or coffee at any time.

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Tefal Steamer

Thanks to Tefal, discover a wide range of steamers to cook delicious and healthy meals. It is now a whole new gourmet experience! Go mini with MiniCompact. Discover Steam n Light for a great all-round steaming experience. Enjoy Vitacuisine Compact to boost your day with healthy meals.

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Tefal Sandwich maker

Create a delicious snack with a Tefal sandwich maker - perfect your Croque Monsieur and French Toast for a continental lunch!

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