For over 40 years, Thermocool has created reliable and durable products that make a difference for Nigerian families.

Thermocool have a history of trusted innovation that provides real insights into the demand of today’s family life and allows them to provide solutions to meet the needs of family life. The dependability of Thermocool products has earned the brand significant trust through the years, and Thermocool is constantly committed to making your everyday life easier and more rewarding.

Today the Thermocool brand produces high performance appliances that meet the needs of a modern home with a range of products spanning our home appliances, sound & vision and energy categories.

We also stock Haier Thermocool and Thermocool Engineering Company (T.E.C) products which are part of the Thermocool brand.


Cooking great food is an art form. Thermocool’s range of innovative standing and table top cookers are designed to inspire you to create culinary masterpieces. Thermocool standing gas cookers come with auto ignition and stainless steel or anti-rust tops as well as spacious, well-lit and easy to clean ovens. Thermocool also offer a range of table cookers in multiple design options that offer durability and superior performance. Serve beautiful food with a Thermocool cooker.

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Water Dispensers

Enjoy healthy hot and cold water from a Thermocool water dispenser. Thermocool Dispensers are built with the best quality ABS non-recycled materials and come with stainless steel water tanks which offer the most healthy water storage for your home.

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Commercial Air Conditioners

Thermocool offer a range of commercial air conditioning solutions to suit your business’s needs. Thermocool MRV systems come with DC inverter technology which allows the cooling of large spaces and saves up to 40% of the energy vs. a conventional system. Thermocool single cassette air conditioning solutions offer convertible, ducted solutions ideal for cooling banks, offices and eateries. No matter what you’re looking for, Thermocool has a solution to meet your needs.

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Commercial Refrigeration

With the ever growing demand for refrigeration for eateries, breweries or ice-cream parlour, Thermocool commercial refrigeration has a range of products to meet your business’s needs. Maximise bottle storage with superior quality beverage coolers that will make all the difference in your point of sale - and in your profits too. Opt for a Thermocool Ice-cream Freezer to protect the texture, taste and appearance of ice-cream to ensure your customers get the best quality product.

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