Freezer Buying Guide

A freezer unit is important for every modern home. A freezer unit stores food items such as meat, fish, soups, veggies and other food items for weeks or even months until you are ready to consume them. This means you can shop and prepare food in bulk with the knowledge that it's ready to be defrosted at your convenience. Below are some key considerations for choosing the freezer that will meet your food (and drink) storage requirements.

Capacity and space

Whether you are purchasing for a business or for your home you will need to consider the capacity of the freezer you require based on the size of your family or number of business customers. This consideration will also affect the type of freezer you choose as chest freezers are generally available in larger capacities than upright freezers.

You should consider the available installation space and closeness to obstructions in order to determine the most suitable height, width and depth of the freezer. You should also ensure that your installation space will provide adequate room for the freezer door to open fully especially for upright models.

Freezer styles

The 2 major types of freezer are the Chest and Upright Freezers. Below is a comparison of the benefits of each.

Chest Freezer Benefits:

  • Greater capacity to store frozen goods, plus the capability to store odd sized food items due to more spacious dimensions
  • Chest freezer are more energy efficient i.e. cold air does not escape easily when the lid is opened, hence food keeps for much longer periods
  • Defrosts manually and uses less energy in the process
  • Keep your stored items cooler for longer in power blackouts.

 Upright Freezer Benefits

  • Allows ease of retrieving, sorting and organizing food items
  • Upright freezers are easier to relocate and will generally fit through doorways
  • Are more convenient as they let you more easily see what’s inside
  • They open like a typical refrigerator unit and are much easier to load and unload
  • Have shelves or drawers that allow you to easily organise your frozen goods
  • Are usually frost-free, so you do not have to defrost them

The benefits of Haier Thermocool Freezers

Haier Thermocool freezers offer a range of specific features that have developed specifically for the Nigerian consumer;

  • Ensures food stays fresh for 100 hours (4 days) after a power outage and makes life convenient and stress-free thanks to the Haier Thermocool’s Cellular Forming Technology and 75mm freezer insulation thickness ensures food stays fresh for 100 hours (4 days) after a power outage delivering a stress-free, convenient life
  • Deep and superfast freezing design, which makes it easy to make ice and keep food properly frozen
  • Wider voltage design – perfect for Nigeria’s power system
  • Freezers come with zinc coated body to protect them against rust
  • Low noise operation
  • Strong interior lighting