Lay-by Scheme

PZ Coolworld Lay-by Scheme

The Coolworld LAY-BY scheme is where a buyer makes instalment payments for goods but does not take delivery of the goods until the total of the purchase price is paid.


Terms & Conditions  

  1. Products will only be released when full payments have been made and confirmed.
  2. Products are sold at the full retail Price sold as at date of filling & executing this form is fixed until full payment is made.
  3. A 5% administrative fee will be charged on the total value of the transaction. Note that this is non-refundable.
  4. Customer must make an Initial payment of 35% minimum + 5% administrative fee.
  5. Balance payment must be within 90 days from date of initial deposit or the customer loses 10% of total value of transaction.
  6. An additional 30 days extension will be given to make up the payment.
  7. Where payment is not made in full after the extension, a refund will be made.
  8. Where a customer wants to cancel the transaction for a refund he/she losses 10% on total value of transaction. The refund takes an average of 3 weeks to process.
  9. Where customer wants to change the product for another product, the prevailing price of new product will apply.
  10. Customer must provide proof of payment at all times.

To find out more information about this amazing offer, download the form by clicking HERE and visit your nearest CoolWorld Store.