Pre-delivery Inspection

At CoolWorld, we want to ensure that the purchase of your product is hassle free. To ensure that you receive a premium experience, we offer a pre-delivery inspection service across a wide range of our product offering to ensure that you leave our store with the peace of mind that your product is perfect.

Our pre-delivery inspection check covers the following;


  1. Couple the battery to the generator
  2. Add engine oil and fuel
  3. Attach the wheels and handles (if requested)
  4. Start up the machine 

Standing gas cookers

  1. Connect to gas cylinders
  2. Confirm all gas rings work
  3. Ensure that no gas is leaking
  4. Re-box


  1. Unbox
  2. Plug in and test
  3. Re-box

TVs/DVDs/Home theatres

  1. Unbox
  2. Test (using DVD/ attaching to speaker) as appropriate
  3. Re-box