Combined Insurance Policy on CoolWorld Purchases

The combined insurance policy (fire/burglary/personal) will be issued ONLY on listed products below.

S/NProductMinimum Value
1 Fridge 50,000
2 Freezer 50,000
3 Washing Machine 40,000
4 Integrated Appliances 40,000
5 Air-Conditioners 50,000
6 Standing Cookers 50,000

Customer must buy any product listed above with the relevant minimum purchase value to qualify. The minimum value refers to amount paid for product.  This scheme is only accessible instore.

Insurance Covers

  • Fire damage : Covers loss of or material damage to CoolWorld’ s products in the custody & control of the customer as a result of fire , lightening and explosion
  • Loss by Theft /Burglary/Housebreaking:  This is loss/damage to theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into out of the building or any attempt there at. 
  • Personal accident cover form;
    1. Permanent disability
      Where the customer is unable to work on his/her own or any occupation for which he/she is suited by training, education/experience. Benefits payable- N50,000.
      Medical expenses
      This including operation fees, cost of medicine, surgical appliances and hospital or nursing home charges incurred and expended in connection with any injury  accident covered by the policy. Benefits payable– N20,000 
      Insurance is ONLY valid for one year
       Customer will be advised to renew after one year if they so desire

    Terms and conditions apply.